ATOM - 50

Viewing the current scenario where many progressive minds are stagnated because of the pressure of poverty and non-availability of essential resources and support, the chairman of Adyant +2 Science College. Mr A.B. Singh who strongly believes in ‘service to mankind is service to God’ introduced his dream project 'ATOM-50' to offer an opportunity for poor, hardworking, meritorious, scheduled cast, scheduled tribe, socially and economically back-ward students to fulfill their ambition to become medicos or IITians in a cost free platform.

It is not only a program to evoke sigh of relief among needy but ambitious students and their parents but also an earnest desire of the chairman, well-known for his altruistic attitude and humanitarian out-look, who has rolled up his sleeves to find diamonds in the damping yard of coal.

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01 100% efforts to crack Medical/IIT-JEE
02 100% Free college fee at Adyant +2 Science College
03 100% Free coaching at Aakash Institute/ Aakash IIT-JEE
04 100% Free Lodging and Boarding facilities
05 100% Free Study Material

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